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One of the best ways to generate repeat traffic to your website is to regularly communicate with your customers via high-value, information-rich email newsletters.

Studies by Forrester Research show that email marketing campaign response rates average a whopping 14% to 22%.

Remember, your mailing list of opt-in subscribers can be a veritable gold mine if you take advantage of it and communicate with your subscribers on a consistent basis, at least once per month, preferably weekly. If you reach out and touch customers less than that, your sales will suffer greatly. Your goal should be to deliver high-value, information-rich content combined with promotional offers.

4 Simple Secrets to Publishing a Successful E-zine

Here are some tips on how to publish customer newsletters that actually get read:

  1. Be personal. Write your newsletter as a person, not a company. People buy from people they like and trust. So write to them like a friend would write.

  2. Make it useful. Remember that your readers subscribed to your newsletter to get helpful information, so give them what they want and don’t just blab on and on about you and your company. We suggest you use only about 25% of your email content to promote your products.

  3. Call to action. End each monthly or weekly issue with a clear and concise offer, whether it’s a free item, a discount coupon, special sale prices, or click here to learn more about X.

  4. Include Color and Graphics. We suggest you publish in HTML because market studies have proven that HTML emails get higher readership and higher response rates. Just make sure your graphic design is not amateurish or too overwhelming. Clean and simple design is usually better.

If you need help with putting together a professional newsletter or writing high-quality content for it, contact us today.


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