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People need to know who you are, and why they should trust you! So how do you spread the good word about your company to the world? An engaging blog is the answer!

We suggest you setup a WordPress blog to complement your existing website. Blogs nullify the gatekeepers at traditional newspapers and magazines, and put the power of instant publishing into the hands of any individual. A blog is essentially an online journal – your personal soapbox in your own little corner of the Internet where you can rant, remark, pontificate, and explore topics in your field that interest you and might interest other people.

You need to give away free information. Write a series of short, helpful articles on subjects related to your specific industry packed with useful tips and tricks, and post them weekly to your blog.

You can also submit those blog posts to online directories and magazines. Include your name and URL hotlink to your website at the end of each one. This is a great way to report on exciting developments in your industry -- and it'll drive quality traffic back to your website.

Search Engines Will Love You

Sending all this awesome info out -- with your name and website address linked to it -- will also help you get a better ranking in the search engine listings, since every website that posts your content will link back to your website. Search engines LOVE inbound links from relevant websites, and they will reward you accordingly.

If writing and maintaining a blog is too overwhelming for you, iScribePro can ghostwrite the blog posts for you and attach your name to it. We can advise you on which blogging platforms, templates, and widgets are best for business blogs, and help you integrate it all into your main company website.

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