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Twitter is another insanely popular social networking site, and it’s probably the most mobile phone friendly one. With “Tweets” of only 140 characters or less, businesses can keep in touch with their followers and keep them updated with on-the-go news and special deals.

Often referred to as “micro-blogging,” Twitter provides a robust platform for you to interact with your target market, update people about your business, and create relationships that can lead to future sales. Here are a few ways that you can use Twitter effectively to promote your business:

  • Put your best foot forward. Create a Twitter profile that represents you and your business well. Include your photo, links to your website and a strong bio in your profile. Also, consider creating a custom Twitter background. Twitter backgrounds can be obtained inexpensively and are a terrific way to compliment your branding efforts.
  • Strategically build your following. There are millions of people on Twitter and when you first get involved, the inclination is to follow everyone. However, doing so will dilute your efforts and fail to achieve the optimal results you desire. It's better to spend your time on networking with the types of people who are interested in your product or working in your niche.
  • Treat your followers like your newsletter subscribers. Through various metrics, social media experts have shown that Twitter followers are as responsive as email newsletter subscribers. Having a sale? Tweet about it! Offer your followers a special coupon or bonus gift. Have a big announcement about your business? Share it with your Twitter peeps. Not only are your followers interested, but they will retweet (RT) it and introduce you to potential new buyers.
  • Promote your event. Twitter is a terrific way to tell your followers about an upcoming event that you are hosting. Whether it is a virtual event or a live event, Twitter is a wonderful way to spread the word.
  • Don’t be a sleazy car salesman. Provide valuable information or provocative opinions on hot topics, and you'll gain lots of happy followers.
  • Go mobile. Don't be chained to your desktop computer. There are many Android and iPhone apps that you can purchase or get for free that makes Tweeting “on-the-go” very simple.

If you need assistance with implementing Twitter into your social media campaigns, iScribePro internet marketing consultants are here to help. We can create an eye-catching, customized Twitter page for your company and teach you how to maximize the full potential of Twitter. We'll also show you how to integrate it into your other marketing platforms and save you time re-posting stuff everywhere. Please contact us to get a price quote for these services.


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